Honeywell 32004930-002
Power Box Cover White for Honeywell F300E 20"L

F300 power box cover with Honeywell label. Painted white 20 gauge steel. Length of top 18¼, width 6¼".

This cover is the same as the F50F version 203319A but a different color.

Honeywell F300 and F50F power box covers are available in 2 sizes. Covers for the 20x12½ models are no longer available.

This cover fits the highlighted models:

12½ x 20 16 x 20 16 x 25 20 x 20 20 x 25
F300A2012 F300E1001 F300E1019 F300E1027 F300E1035
F300B2012 F300A1620 F300A1625 F300A2020 F300A2025
F50F1040 F50F1149 F50F1073 F50F1032 F50F1065
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