Trion 267460-004
CFS22 COMFORTSTEAM 23GPD Electronic Steam Humidifier
  11.5GPD 115V 23GPD 230V

The Trion COMFORTSTEAM™ CFS22 at 230VAC can deliver 23 gallons per day of steam ouput. The self-Generating Electronic Steam Humidifier combine the purity of electrodebased steam humidification with the automation of electronic monitoring and control to provide a complete, easy-to-implement solution for your high capacity residential applications. This same design was proven in commercial and industrial applications and now has been cost-reduced, offering the same professional level of performance to residential markets.


  • Technology: A commercial and industrial proven electronically controlled humidifier based on electrode steam generation within a plastic steam cylinder
  • Mounting: Easy to mount via two lag bolts
  • Steam Output: Stainless steel duct distributor tube
  • Water Inlet: Located on the bottom of the unit via 1/4” compression fitting
  • Drain Connection: Located on the bottom of the unit and connects to a 1” drain line
  • Basic Control: Connects to external humidistat
  • Airflow Detection: Connects to an external air-proving switch
  • System Fault Monitoring: Via single LED
  • Water Hardness: 3 to 36 grains per gallon; water filtration not necessary
  • Water Conductivity: 125-1250 micro-Siemens per centimeter (µS/cm)
  • Supply Water: 20 psi minimum and 100 psi maximum
  • Steam Cylinder Life: Normal residential applications typically require one steam cylinder charge per year depending on water quality and run time

Specifications and Electrical Connections

Model CFS20 CFS22
Part No. (Complete System) 267460-003 267460-004
Part No. (Unit Only) 267460-005 267460-006
Maximum Humidification Capacity 4 lbs/hr or 11.5 gpd or 1.8 kg/hr 8 lbs/hr or 23 gpd or 3.6 kg/hr
Supply Voltage 115VAC Single Phase 50/60 Hz 230VAC Single Phase 50/60 Hz
Supply Amperage 11.5 Amps (Recommend connection to a dedicated 15A circuit)
Power Consumption 1.33kw at 115VAC 2.66kw at 230VAC
Humidistat External humidistat included with complete humidification system or can be purchased separately
High Limit Humidistat Not included, but unit connection is available
Air Proving Switch External air proving switch included with complete humidification system or can be purchased separately
Cabinet Dimensions (Approx.) 18” H x 11” W x 9” D (457 H x 279 W x 229 D mm)

How Electrode Steam Humidifier Works

Electrode steam humidifier operates by energizing two electrode extended into a canister of water. The current flowing between the electrodes and resistance of the water to the electric current heats the water.

Minerals that are naturally found in water cause the water to be electrically conductive. Water conductivity is measured in micro Siemens per centimeter (uS/cm). Generally the higher mineral content the higher the conductivity.

That being said water that is considered “hard”, potable or softened water have a higher conductivity and works well for the humidifier. Low hardness water or less conductive water will take longer to reach capacity. A tea spoon of bicarbonate of soda or salt can be added into the filling cup on start-up to speed up steam production. Demineralized or reversed osmosis water should not be used with electrode steam humidifier.

As water boils into steam minerals are left behind. The remaining mineral will increase the conductivity of the water but also cause deposit onto the submerged portions of the electrodes, rendering those areas ineffective. As this occurs, the water level will rise to expose uncoated eletrode surface. The internal controller senses water level and measures the current flowing between the electrodes to determine when the canister needs replacement.

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