Honeywell 208419B
Honeywell Power Box for F50F Series One 12½x20 240v

Assembled 240 volt power box includes all internal components. The power box includes the power supply board, air flow sensor, interlock switch, on-off switch, neon light, 60" power cord with 3-prong plug. The power box underside has the contact for the cell. Simple to install with two screws and then plug in. Honeywell 2 year warranty.

This power box has an overall size of 12½ x 6½ x 3½ inches. Replaces 203316B.

Compatible with the W8600E LED remote indicator. Also compatible with the W8600F LCD indicator. Fits F50F1057 and the highlighted model (240v):

20 x 12½
16 x 20
16 x 25
20 x 20
20 x 25

All F300A or F300E should use Series Two. All F50F F58F should use the Series Two power box unless you have the W8600E remote indicator.

The remote indicator is optional. It primarily provides the same function as the neon lamp. Ideal for installations where the unit is not seen or heard.

If you have the early W8600E indicator shown top-left, then you need the Series One power box. The Series One power box has additional circuitry for this indicator.

If you have the newest W8600F indicator, then use the Series Two power box. The Series One power box is also compatible with the W8600F when the W8600E circuitry is removed.

If you do not have either remote indicator, choose the Series Two power box. The Series One power box would be compatible but has unnecessary W8600E circuitry.

The W8600F was introduced in 1998 and was originally available in white or taupe, but the taupe was discontinued mid 2006. The W8600F is now only available in white.

Though the W8600E was replaced by the W8600F in 1998, the W8600E was available as a replacement part until 2004. We no longer have any W8600E left.

Power box photos showing the internal difference between Series One and Series Two (292k pdf, 2 pages) Photos showing the compatable power supplies (110k pdf, 3 pages)

The power box is simply removed by removing two screws. The screws are behind the access door. See pdf below:

First visually inspect the board. Most problems are visible such as a melted transformer winding or a burnt component such as the surge suppressors RV1 RV2.

Check the thin white ceramic resistor R3, the corner wire can break away. This can cause the collector plates to get power but not the ionizer wires.

Continuous cell sparking (for months) can burn out components or wiring. Resonant sparking causes elevated voltage swings that can break down the insulation on the high voltage wires. Check for scorching.

Often the fuse blows when the switching FET Q1 shorts, we believe from line spikes. Check the fuse continuity. A blown fuse typically reads 4.4M ohm because of circuitry in parallel.

The fuse is soldered in and not replaceable. If there is an internal short the fuse blows so to prevent any components from flaring up. Replacing a blown fuse will not fix the problem.

Honeywell does not release the circuit board schematics. Service tech's want to replace the complete board and be confident. Honeywell does not sell the discrete components. We do not do component level repair of the boards.

Replacing the complete board with a new one with a 2 year Honeywell warranty would be the most reliable repair.

You may have noticed there are 3 contacts on the cell pad but only two contacts at the power box. This allows the F50-F300 to be installed with either right or left air flow. The cell can be rotated allowing an installation with opposite air flow.

Only two contacts are used, the center contact and one end contact. Photo animation shows when the cell is rotated, the contacts maintain the correct connections.

The center contact powers the ionizing wires. The two outside contacts are connected and power the collector plates.

Photos showing the power box removal (423k pdf, 2 pages).

The Honeywell warranty for F300 replacement parts is 2 years.  Our customers simply need to ship us the defective part.  We test and confirm defective.  We then ship back a brand new part at no charge.
Power supply warranty on page 7 of the power supply installation instructions (150k pdf, 8 pages).
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