Honeywell 203329D
Honeywell Terminal Board F50F Front Contact for 12½ x 20
No Longer Available

Cell contact assembly for F300A F300B F50F single cell models only. Mounts inside power box under the power supply in 2-5/8 x 6-1/2 inch rectangular hole. Overall size 4-1/8 x 6-7/8 inch. High voltage black and red wires have a 1/4 inch female spade terminal.

This 203329D REAR contact fits the highlighted models below.

12½ x 20 16 x 20 16 x 25 20 x 20 20 x 25
F300A2012 F300E1001 F300E1019 F300E1027 F300E1035
F300B2012 F300A1620 F300A1625 F300A2020 F300A2025
F50F1040 F50F1149 F50F1073 F50F1032 F50F1065

Terminal Board - 4 Variations

The 4 different variations of these contacts are the same except for different wire lengths and spade connectors.

The wires on the 203329A and 203329C have a female spade connector that also has a piggy back male connector.

The wires on the 203329B and 203329D just have female spade connectors.

Photo below shows the piggy back connection.

203329 Terminal Board wiring

Cell Contains 3 Contacts but Only 2 Used

You may have noticed there are 3 contacts on the cell pad but only two contacts at the power box. This allows the F50-F300 to be installed with either right or left air flow. The cell can be rotated allowing an installation with opposite air flow.

Only two contacts are used, the center contact and one end contact. Photo animation shows when the cell is rotated, the contacts maintain the correct connections.

The center contact powers the ionizing wires. The two outside contacts are connected and power the collector plates.

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