Honeywell 138889A
Contact Board Assembly Mates with Cell for F50A F50E F59A F90 F70C F58C

High voltage contact board used in the F50A F50E, F59A, F90, F70C and F85C. This board's contacts mate with the collector cell contact 4074EHG.

The red board assembly includes the board with contacts riveted. Board measures 3½ x 6¾ and 1/8 inch thick.

Cell Contains 3 Contacts but Only 2 Used

You may have noticed there are 3 contacts on the cell pad but only two contacts at the power box. This allows the F50-F300 to be installed with either right or left air flow. The cell can be rotated allowing an installation with opposite air flow.

Only two contacts are used, the center contact and one end contact. Photo animation shows when the cell is rotated, the contacts maintain the correct connections.

The center contact powers the ionizing wires. The two outside contacts are connected and power the collector plates.

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