Honeywell 136434AA
Honeywell Ionizer Wire for 20 inch Cells
9 or more$10.44
  18-3/8" 14-3/8"

Honeywell electronic air cleaner cell ionizing wire. For 20 inch tall cells. The length measures 18-3/8 inch center to center of eyelet hole. Eyelet hole is 1/8" dia. Wire diameter measures 0.010". Ionizing wires are made of tungsten wire with stainless steel eyelets. The wire and eyelets are non-magnetic.

Sold individually. Our price is for 1 genuine Honeywell wire. Note 10" deep cells have 7 wires and 12½" cells have 9 wires.

Used in cell part number FC37A1049, FC37A1064, FC37A1171, FC37B1030. Used in F300 F50F F50E F50A, F52F F52E and the hightlighted models:

12½ x 20 16 x 20 16 x 25 20 x 20 20 x 25
F300A2012 F300E1001 F300E1019 F300E1027 F300E1035
F300B2012 F300A1620 F300A1625 F50A1165 F300A2025
F50F1040 F50F1149 F50F1073 F50F1032 F50F1065

Ionizing Wire Replacement Instructions

When replacing the ionizing wires you should never pull or put strain on the ionizing wires. This causes the wire to pull off from the eyelet. Instead push the spring tabs on the collector cell frame. See video for easy installation instructions.

Cleaning Ionizing Wires

Deposits of solid silicon dioxideHoneywell recommends wiping down the ionizing wires when washing the collector cells. Also check the wires for roughness, a side effect of the corona discharge is the growth of a white quartz layer.

Air near the high-voltage ionizer wires breaks down in to ions and high energy electrons. This mixture of ions and electrons is called the corona plasma. The ions collide with suspended particulate and confer the charge.

The plasma has an unintended reaction with cyclomethicone, a silicone oil present in household products such as deodorant sprays and skin lotions. This reaction leaves deposits of solid silicon dioxide on the ionizing wires. These insulating formations will significantly suppress the corona pattern and intensity.

Research has shown cleaning the wires with 600 grit emery cloth will remove the silicon dioxide, but at the risk of damaging the wire surface or breaking the wire.

Genuine Honeywell Wires

Honeywell 136434AA ionizing WireHoneywell manufactures the ionizing wires, cutting them to length and crimping the eyelets. Honeywell packages the ionizing wires in individual envelopes and sells them to distributors in boxes of 5. Bel-Aire does not make the ionizing wires.

We sell the Honeywell wires in the individual envelopes. We typically ship the envelopes without the bulky Honeywell box.

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