Skuttle 000-1106-030
Orifice Kit .020 Dia for Skuttle 2000 Series
**Obsolete** Replaced by 000-1106-037

No Longer Available. Replaced by 000-1106-037.

Orifice kit used in the 2000 2001 2002 2101 2102 55UD HFT2100 HFT2700 HFT2900FP. Also used in the Honeywell HE220 HE225 HE260 HE265 HE360 HE365.

This kit includes the stainless steel orifice nipple, inline stainer, brass compression fitting and ferrule. The strainer fits in to the end of the nipple. The compression fitting mounts on the same end of the nipple, the other end is threaded 1/8 npt. The photo shows the orifice end that has a 0.020 diameter orifice.

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