Skuttle 000-0814-132
Water Level Sensor Float Assembly for Skuttle F60-1 F60-2 60-1 60-2

Float switch for the Skuttle steam humidifier 60-1 60-2 F60-1 F60-2. Also used in the White-Rodgers HSP2000 and Honeywell HE420. This float sensor detects when the water level is normal and enables the heating circuit to come on. Only when this switch closes, can the heater turn on. This sensor is only used on the newer models.

The assembly is made of high quality non-magnetic stainless steel. The float has two wires with 3/16" push-on connectors and a length of 7". The float mounts in a 3/8" hole. Float diameter is 1½" x 1".

This device is a reed switch. A reed switch is a pair of hermetically sealed contacts that open and close with a magnet. The float on this device has a magnet.

The switch contacts will close when the float is in the up position. To test this switch, connect the leads to a continuity meter. With the float up the meter should read zero ohms. With the float down, the meter should read an open circuit.

For a wiring diagram see page 5 of the Skuttle Wiring Manual.

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