Skuttle 000-0431-031
Control Relay 24v for Skuttle F60-1 F60-2
Skuttle 000-0431-031 control relay used in the Skuttle F60-1 F60-2 60-1 60-2, White-Rodgers HSP2000 HSP2600, and Honeywell HE420A HE420B HE460A HE460B. Used in both 120v and 240v steam humidifiers.

This relay is DPST with a 24 Vac coil. Each side of the coil has two ¼" spade terminals connected in parallel. The normally open contacts also have push-on ¼" spade terminals. The terminals are labeled in this photo.

Replaces Honeywell 50018844-001 and R8222C1008.

For a wiring diagram see page 5 of the Skuttle Wiring Manual.

Relay Data Sheet (100k, 1 page pdf)

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