Whole House Humidifier Systems & Parts

Flow-Thru Evaporative Humidifiers & Parts

Flow-Thru Evaporative Humidifiers and PartsDuct mounted Flow-Thru humidifiers have water trickling thru a water panel and then out the bottom to a drain. Powered models use a fan where as By-Pass models use the path of least resistance to create the air flow.Learn More

Steam Power Humidifiers & Parts

Steam Power Humidifiers and PartsThe steam humidifier simmers water to create humidity. They do not need warm air and can be wired to turn on the blower when there is a call for humidity. Not waiting for the hot air allows for more precise RH control.Learn More

Self-Contained Humidifiers & Parts

Self-Contained Humidifiers and PartsSelf contained humidifiers have a fan and do not need to be duct mounted. The atomizing humidifiers blow a mist in to the room or duct. The centrifugal atomizing is often used for tobacco humidors where it is shelve mounted.Learn More

Humidifier Accessories

Humidifier AccessoriesWater quality is a major problem causing corrosion, mineral build-up, and slime clogs. Purified water will eliminate mineral dust that falls from the evaporating air. As well as cut health issues with mold and mildew.Learn More

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