Honeywell W8600A1007

Honeywell AirWatch Indicator for F50F F52F F300
Price: No Longer Available

    Performance Indicator
  • W8600F
  • W8600A

The W8600A indicator panel has four liquid crystal display (LCD) arrowheads that point to Battery, Air Cleaner, UV Air Treatment, and Humidifier. Size 4 x 2½ x 1¾". Color white.

The W8600A simply reminds the homeowner that service is due based on calendar days. The air cleaner reminder is set by dip switches to 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. The UV and humidifier settings are for one year. No wiring is necessary for the W8600A.

Includes (2) AAA batteries and mounting screws. Mount in the living area or where readily visible. Only available in white.

Permatron prefilter and postfilter kiet upgrade for your air purifier
Fiberglass wash tub for Collector cells
Location, Mounting, Wiring, Service, Troubleshooting. (108k pdf)Provides status of air cleaner, humidifier, U-V system, Defines Location, Mounting, Wiring, Service, Troubleshooting. (118k pdf, 4 pages)

W8600B RF Wireless Filter Reminder

honeywell w8600b1005 RF airwatch wireless indicator The W8600B is only for use with the F200E Series pleated filter. This indicator provides filter change status. The F200E door has an RF transmiter that signals the W8600B indicator.

The W8600B is not used in the F50F F300 as the electronic air cleaners do not clog.

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