Honeywell F90A1001
Honeywell Ceiling Mount 1250 cfm Light Grey
  White Woodgrain
    Ceiling Mount
  • F90A1050
  • F90A1001

F90A1001 Self-Contained Commercial Electronic Air Cleaner, color light-grey. Complete system contains two FC37B heavy-duty commercial cells, a power supply assembly, two prefilters, cover with grille, a power and speed control switch, a performance selection switch, a test button, a three-speed motor driven fan, an interlock switch for the cover and grille, a power cord, and LED indication of system operation.

The F90A Self-Contained Electronic Commercial Air Cleaner is ceiling-mounted and removes airborne contaminants such as tobacco and cooking smoke, dust, and pollen from the air circulated through the unit. Surface mounts in a 2x2' ceiling tile or half of a 2x4' ceiling tile.

The F90 provides Coanda air distribution by drawing in dirty air from below, cleaning it electronically, and discharging the clean air in four directions parallel with the ceiling.

F90A capacity is 1250 cubic feet per minute (cfm at HI speed).

ASHRAE recommends a minimum air circulation of 30 cfm per person for bars and cocktail lounges. Thus each F90A can handle a room with up to 41 people. Clean outdoor air is also required to replenish oxygen and dilute gaseous contaminants.

For complete sizing info see the F90 Product Data page 5.

Honeywell F90A1001 Parts
F90A Wall Mount Control
F90A Activated Carbon Filter

Honeywell Commercial F90A Manuals

F90 Installation, Sizing Guidelines, Mounting Location, Electrical Connections, Operation, Display Features and Setup, Power Level Setting, Cleaning Cell and PrefilterFault Codes, Troubleshooting, Dimensions, Service Repair, Cleaning Maintenance, Parts Drawing (24 Pages, 683k pdf)
F90 Operation, Cleaning, Service (24 Pages, 1.3M pdf)
Sizing and selection guide by White-Rodgers (2 pages, 200k pdf)
F90 Features, Benefits, How it Works (2 Pages, 720k pdf)
Specifications, Dimensions, Ratings (2 Pages, 263k pdf)
Features, Capacity, Efficiency, Electrical Rating (1 Page, 39k pdf)
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