Aprilaire 4016
Aprilaire Manual Humidistat spst 24v or 120v (NLA)

    Aprilaire Humidistat
  • Model 4016
  • Model 56

This Model 4016 Humidistat is no longer available. Please order the new Model 4655.

Aprilaire Model 4016 manual humidistat designed for 24v & 120v humidifier control. Humidity is sensed using a nylon ribbon that expands with an increase in humidity.

Includes humidistat, as shown our photos.

√ SPST Dust-Proof Switch
√ Operating Differential 8% RH
√ Rating 24 vac 5.2 amps
√ Nylon Ribbon has Clear Inspection Window
√ Mounts on Wall Surface

For wiring to 24vac humidifier, use 2-conductor thermostat wire, not included. The RP-4016 is not designed for duct mounting.

Used in the Model 350 360.

Aprilaire Current Sensing Relay for 24v Humidifier Control
NuCalgon MicroPlus 2 Water Filter w/Treatment
Skuttle Humidifier 10 Micron Water Filter with Activated Carbon
Model 4016 Installation InstructionsHumidification information

Manual Versus Automatic Humidistat

The indoor humidity level needs to be set based on the outside temperature. This is to prevent water from running down the windows. The cool air near the windows can not hold the humidity and water will condense on the glass. To prevent this condensation, the indoor humidity level is sacrificed by lowering the humidistat.

A manual humidistat needs to be set back as the season gets colder. An automatic humidistat (such as the Aprilaire 60) adjusts the humidity by using an outside temperature sensor.

The Honeywell automatic humidistat (H1008A) determines the outside temperature based on the furnace duty cycle or with an optional outdoor sensor. Below the Honeywell owners manual discusses this feature they call HumidiCalc.
Aprilaire Humidity Info (270k pdf 4 Pages)H1008 Installation 519k pdf 16 Pages

When The Outdoor
Temperature is
This Relative Humidity
Should Be Maintained
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