NuCalgon 4613-Y8
NuCalgon MicroPlus 8 Water Filter w/Treatment 50 gpd
4 to 9$62.10
10 or more$57.96
  12½ GPD 25 GPD 50 GPD 100 GPD

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This Micro-Plus 8 system is rated 50 gallons per day. Designed and manufactured to eliminate and control the three primary water-related problems: lime scale, silt and sediment, and objectionable tastes and odors. The Micro-Plus accomplishes this through 4 stages.

Micro-Plus contains 6R Micromet®, an NSF Listed, food-grade slowly soluble polyphosphate, which dissolves slowly into the water and stabilizes the hardness minerals, thereby preventing scale formation.

Micro-Plus is equipped with a 100 micron screen to pre-filter the water as it enters the device and a 20 micron filter disc to filter the water as it leaves the device. This graduation of micron filtration, from 100 micron to 20 micron, enhances the service life in waters containing a high level of suspended particles, yet still provides 20 micron water.

Micro-Plus contains the best available activated carbon for absorbing these contaminants. Removes objectionable tastes and odors providing high quality water to breathe.

The Micro-Plus 8 housing is constructed of NSF approved PVC. The ends are tapped 1/4" FPT, Length 11.325", Diameter 2.59. Maximum temperature 100°F.

Applications, How it works, Installation (1.1M pdf, 4 pages)Shows cut away view and describes the (4 Pages 1.3M pdf)
NuCalgon Micro-Plus 2 4615-W3
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