NuCalgon 4190-02
NuCalgon Humidi-Treat Humidifier Water Filter
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10 or more$19.32
  Micro-Carbon Humidi-Treat

The Humidi-Treat water filter is designed for humidifiers using up to 25 gallons per day, and will inhibit scale for a full season. Humidi-Treat is installed in the water line that supplies water directly to the humidifier. Equipped with simple push-in John Guest fittings for ¼" dia tubing.

Ideal for use with all furnace mounted humidifiers. Flow rates for most Flow-Thru humidifiers are approximately 3-6 gallons per hour. The Aprilaire 500 and 600 has a flow rate of 3 gph, the 700 is at 6 gph. Honeywell and Skuttle have similar usage.

This filter treats the water with a slowly soluble polyphosphate, which dissolves slowly into the water and stabilizes the hardness minerals, thereby preventing scale formation. Lime scale is a mineral deposit formed when hard, bicarbonate waters are heated. The deposits clog the pours in the evaporator pad.

The mineral deposits in Flow-Thru humidifiers cause sticking solenoid valves. Evaporative humidifiers with a water reservoir or rotating parts are troubled with float valves not shutting off and a lime scale crust on the surfaces.

Mineral particles in Steam humidifiers precipitate to heat and coat the heating element and reduce heat transfer. Note, Steam humidifiers also require chorine removal, combine with the Micro-Carbon or see Micro-Plus series.

Colder Quick Disconnect Male Coupling 3/8" NPT
NuCalgon NP24 Series Filter Housing NP24DD
NuCalgon MicroPlus 2 Water Filter w/Treatment 12½ gpd
Humi-Treat SpecificationHumi-Treat Brochure

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